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Get Ahead of the Game: Things to Consider Before Studying Abroad

To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill

The decision to study abroad might be one of the biggest choices to change you would’ve taken till date. Like with every other change, studying abroad also brings it’s own share of jitters. But here are few things to keep in mind to get ahead of the game.

1) Be prepared for some culture shock

While you’re studying abroad, it’s not just the college that you were studying that has changed but a world of other things. So before you leave make sure you study about the local customs, food, language and always leave some room for acceptance.

2) Build a support system while studying abroad

It’s important that you have people to fall back on after a hard day, to carry you through homesickness and for any emergencies if they arise. So make time to find out and connect to people whom you can rely on while you’re moving to an entirely new place.

3) Finance

If you’re someone who relied on your parents for budgeting and finance, studying abroad will mean that you’ll have to manage that aspect of your life on your own. Make sure you have a good idea about the monetary system of the country that you’re moving to, the current exchange rate between your home country and the country you’re moving to and also learn how to budget.

4) Part-time jobs

To afford a good living while your studying abroad, doing a part-time job wouldn’t be a bad idea. So identify areas where are you are naturally skilled at or interested in and choose part time jobs accordingly, so working for them would be a breeze.

5) Weather and Clothes

Do some research about the weather of the place that you’re moving to, so that it won’t surprise you. You will be able to plan for it well in advance and pack accordingly.

6) Language skills

It would help a lot to connect with people, if you could speak their native language. So brush up on some of the languages which you might already know. Also don’t hesitate to pick up a new language and learn them while you have time on your hands.

7) Visit a doctor before going abroad

It would be a good idea to know your health condition before you travel, and make amends. Make sure you carry enough medications if you have any chronic diseases.

So while you’re preparing at full strength to move abroad, don’t forget to hold your family and loved ones tight even though distance might separate you. No matter how big of a change you’re going to face, know that you can always fall back to the God of the Bible. The Bible assures us that even if the heaven and earth may pass away His words will never pass away.

So here’s wishing you all the very best for your journey ahead!



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