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Content or Complacent?

We all dream! Have you ever wondered what the point of dreaming is? We dream of achieving or being what we are unable to today. This is because we, as human beings, are creatures with an in-built implulse of transcendence, with a sense that we were created for more than what we are. We all have a natural drive to go beyond ourselves as long as we are alive.

Within this general drive, each of us may also have a sense of some specific purpose for which we think we are on this earth. This creates a need within us to live up to that purpose. This sense that we have inside us is, in fact, true. The Bible says that each of us is created uniquely by God for a very specific and beautiful purpose. But at times, some of the things we dream of doing or acquiring are not quite so essential. This is why we need to keep asking ourselves whether our dreams for the future come out of a sense of need or purpose, or are just born out of greed.

Pursuing dreams rising out of our God-given purpose would end up making us feel content in life. While being content is amazing, it is important to guard against a smug sense of satisfaction or complacency. We cannot afford to allow complacency to creep in under the guise of contentment, because this can kill our ability to dream big.

We all need to avoid being greedy, but we must never stop dreaming. Let us choose to dream big each day, pursue those dreams wholeheartedly, and rest content at the end of the day, knowing that we have truly lived up to the purpose for which we were given that day.



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