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Growing together

If you’ve solved a jigsaw puzzle, you know the importance of each piece – each has its unique shape and pattern. The pieces fit into each other to complete a big picture. Our lives are similar. One cannot complete a task to perfection by oneself. To live a beautiful life, we must include people from all walks of life and work together as a team. Just like in a puzzle, this world is like a big picture that is being painted by God, and each person has his/her own unique importance.

While each of us has our own identity, we are not in our own story by ourselves, where we alone are the heroes/heroines, as is popularly perceived. We are all part of the larger story that God is unfolding in this world, with a very purposeful role in it. And this story finds its true beauty when all of us grow together into the full potential that has been placed within us. Even if one person is left behind, it is like a missing piece, and the story can be completed by that piece alone.

So let’s decide today that we will strive to value each person around us and help in building communities where we can all grow together.


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