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Me, Myself and I

In my own little world,
Population me.
-Mathew West (Music Artist)

The year 2020 has been a tumultuous one for all of us. Somehow, we slipped from normal into the new normal. We moved from social gatherings to virtual gatherings, from busy roads to empty streets, from travelling between places to travelling between rooms. All this has been done to keep ourselves safe and sound in these testing times.
This is because the most valuable thing in our world is our life. No one would trade his/her life for any amount of wealth or power or anything else. We would do anything to preserve it.

But these testing times have shown us some exceptional people; some people who, despite the risks, will willingly venture forth to serve others’ needs. They are our healthcare workers, policemen, safety workers, delivery boys, the list goes on. Here are the people who would willingly put their lives in danger for the sake of others. These men/women are willing to give up the most valuable thing in their world for the sake of others around them.

I am not here asking you to put yourselves in danger for the sake of others. Not everyone is called to do that. But we can do a lot. We can challenge ourselves each day to be less self-centred. Maybe it is a phone call to an old friend, maybe it is serving the needy or maybe it is donating. Whatever we choose to do, just let it be out of a pure and loving heart.

One of the prime lessons that Jesus taught was to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. If we are able to love the stranger sitting next to us as much as we love ourselves, then slowly but surely we can turn a world singing “me, myself and I” into a world that sings “We, Ourselves and Us.”

In memory of all essential workers who gave up their life caring for others.


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