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National Girl Child Day


“When girls are educated, their countries become stronger and more prosperous.”
-Michelle Obama

National Girl Child Day, celebrated on 24th January, is an initiative by the Indian government to ensure the well being and safety of every girl child in the country. The main motive of this initiative is to eradicate the inequality faced by young girls in particular. 1 in 4 girls in India are reported to be married before the age of 18. Many women and girls are victims of domestic violence, sexual assaults, rapes, and abuses. The objectives of this initiative are to promote awareness about the inequalities faced by girls, their rights and the importance of their mental and physical health, education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, protection and honour.

The Bible teaches that no girl is, or must be, considered less than a boy just because of her gender. God made both the sexes wonderfully. He ensured that the girl child was blessed to grow with a special grace that would keep moulding her to be a person who can flawlessly fit into the different titles in life viz. daughter, sister, friend, wife or mother. Only a girl with so much grace can handle all of these responsibilities impeccably without a hint of exasperation.

It is important for us to realize that our goal as responsible human beings is to stand up for the girls who are underprivileged and put an end to all forms of oppression. Let us learn to love them sincerely and hate all the evil and injustice thrown up against them.

Ending all forms of discrimination against women and girls is not just about responding to a basic human right, but it also has a profound effect on the developmental status of any nation. If they are effectively supported in their childhood and adolescence, girls have immense potential to change the world, becoming channels of tremendous prosperity in their families and their nation.


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