Not Fair

The phrase ‘Not fair’ is one we have all said or heard often enough and we have our reasons for it. Well! “Life is unfair”, it doesn’t always give us what we believe we deserve. It’s worth a thought that no matter how good we may think of ourselves, deep down we are flawed and self-centered and this life is just a reflection of our nature. In a court of law, any ruling can only be deemed fair based on the final judgement by the judge. So, can our criteria of fairness be short-termed?

Even though our life situations may seem unfair at times, they do not necessarily stop us from living our lives well. We may either sulk over them or face them and be overcomers. The choice is ours, but the latter will only make us stronger and bolder to take on life’s challenges. Also, we will end up being an inspiration to others.

We certainly do have a deep yearning for a fair world. All of us have an instinctive sense that somehow, the world isn’t as it was created to be. Well, yes, the Bible says that God created a perfect world, marred by humankind’s free choice of evil. But eventually, God promises to restore it to an uncorrupted and fair place. We can become a part of that restoration plan if we come into a relationship with him and live a life of trusting him.



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