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A heart Attack of Emotions!

It is a known fact that your mental health can affect your physical health. If you have issues and emotions you haven’t dealt with, they may show up in the form of a migraine or a backache. It may also cause you to develop issues with the heart and blood pressure. Yet this is not the only indicator of an unhealthy mind.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t get your relationships right? You always seem to choose the wrong people or you find yourself often in the wrong. “Hurt people, hurt people.” This phrase rightly suggests that we transfer our hurt to people around us. Thus, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to ourselves and allow ourselves to feel every emotion. These may be positive or negative, but they all deserve to be acknowledged. Let go of all the negative feelings by identifying and learning from them. Dwell a little longer in gratitude and joy and feel the peace that these positive emotions bring to you. And in turn, you bring peace to the people around you.

So take care of yourself and see the change you create!


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