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Attitude of Gratitude

The world can be a very glittery place, with many eye-catching sights and moments. Often times, by looking at this glamour outside and comparing it to our small world, we become dissatisfied and tend to complain at the slightest discomfort.

There is much that lies underneath that surface of glamour – many homeless people and hungry mouths, many unloved and suffering, many unemployed and financially unstable, many going through terminal illnesses and other crises. Yet, we complain that our rooms are small and the food isn’t tasty, that we are overprotected, that our office culture isn’t up to the mark and that life isn’t smooth. We constantly forget to be thankful for the good things we have.

A posture of gratitude, on the other hand, can bring contentment and happiness to our minds by driving away unnecessary frustrations. This is why the Bible tells us to be thankful (to God) in all circumstances. Being consistently thankful in this way can help us to be kind, cheerful, healthy and productive. So let’s resolve to have an attitude of gratitude and choose to be thankful for all the little and great blessings in life.


  1. Very nice view , *yet we are complaining* yes it’s true without having contentment and satisfaction we are even forgetting to thank for what we have (God gave)


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