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Discovering the Beauty in Everything

Everyday, it is an overwhelmingly beautiful experience to look around and see the splendour of nature. The beautiful sunrise, the craggy mountains, and even the people around us, with all their uniqueness, remind us that there is so much beauty to be discovered if we look through the right lens.

But all this intricate beauty also points us to the the sheer artistic eminence of the Creator. When an artist starts to paint a picture, it may look very hazy and imprecise to others. But the artist works patiently upon his it until it becomes what he had conceived in his mind. God, the greatest artist, has fearfully and wonderfully fashioned each of our lives. The Bible says that we are the workmanship of His hands – His masterpiece. Moreover, it also tells us that He is constantly at work in the world and has made us co-workers with Him – co-creators, to put it in another way – bestowing us with creativity to work alongside Him to help make this world a more beautiful place each day.

It doesn’t matter how cluttered or hazy the picture of our life looks right now. Being His partners, we all have the extraordinary potential to bring the best out of even some of the toughest spots. Let’s patiently keep at it without giving up, and one day God will turn this sometimes-confusing picture into the masterpiece that He intends it to be – a breathtaking one!


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