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Good Food is not Fast, Fast Food is not Good

“Good food is not fast, fast food is not good.”

I read this slogan on the billboard of a restaurant. The concept of fast food emerged to cater to busy people. In other words, when people cannot wait for 40 minutes for their food to be cooked on the spot, maybe because they don’t have enough time for lunch during work, their needs have to be met on an urgent basis.

Fast food satisfies your convenience. But it is also linked with increasing sickness and mortality; as Eric Schlosser once said, “the real cost never appears on the menu…”. But the tastiest and healthiest food requires time and is always costly.

The same principle applies to life achievements as well.

You can reach the top of Mount Everest using a chopper, but history remembers those who chose the difficult path which required more time, endurance, and patience. In life, we will come across many shortcuts, but it is the difficult paths that will mould our character and lead us to endure success. Only a person with a deep sense of purpose can choose the latter. The choice is yours.


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