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When you need help with your New Year resolution

Quick check! We are already into the second month of the new year. Are we still on track with our new year resolutions or have we given up on them already? As we know, new-year is a popular time for resolutions. Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes – from the mundane to more serious ones. What has been your most silliest? And what has been the one that has had a life-changing impact?

Our resolutions are sometimes about wanting to try a new or different way of doing things. They may be about forcing crossroads into a path that appears too straight or a conviction that your current direction needs change.

Or sometimes, we get tired of living lies, so we make resolutions about being bold and embracing the truth. However, the truth is often harsh, which forces us to look first for courage so we can acknowledge the reality about ourselves, and our situations and circumstances.

Some other resolutions are about seeking a newness of life. This may stem from a sense of not really living the life we were meant to live or from trauma or disappointment from a lacking past.

Whatever your resolution may be, change isn’t always the easiest thing. Navigating new paths can be strange and daunting. The truth may be too hard to accept. And a new life can seem impossible.

Like some of us, I too don’t have an easy way with change. Nevertheless, I have not given up trying; instead, I have learnt to turn to a higher power for help. Dependence could initially feel disempowering. However, having the courage and humility to say “God, help me please” is often my first step to seeing and doing things differently. I have experienced that the assurance of having a person alongside to walk with me through my struggles removes fear and brings peace.

So, here’s to a new way of new year resolutions that is less lonely and more empowering. May this be an encouragement for you throughout this year!


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