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How much is enough?

Success is increasingly identified today with material riches. We all work very hard day and night to achieve this so-called success. But the most important question is this – would achieving it make us content? If this were the case, the richest and most famous personalities and celebrities should be the happiest people around – but are they? The answer is very often a resounding ‘No’.

Even we are constantly striving for more – a house with better facilities, a bigger car, a better-paying job, and the list goes on. Do these things make us happy? May be they do – but only ever so fleetingly. After a while, when the thrill of these new acquisitions dies down, we are back to craving another shopping spree. Every time we find our friends or peers in a better position than us, our satisfaction bar is raised a bit higher, and what we have now and made us happy till yesterday doesn’t satisfy us anymore.

Have we ever stopped to ask ourselves how much is enough? When can one say – I have enough; I have all I need? The Bible says that God knows our needs even before we ask Him, and is perfectly capable of meeting them as well as filling our hearts with contentment. This is why the Bible also says that godliness with contentment is of great value. Imagine how good it could feel to know that all we need is amply taken care of, and our hearts can finally be fully content and restful within an intimate relationship with a God who cares so deeply for us.


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