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In Pursuit of Happiness

Research shows that our happiness levels are 50% genetic, 40% choice and only 10% circumstantial. Often, we are happy only when things go our way. You might think to yourself, “I’ll be happy if I get a job in this particular firm or admission in this particular university,” or “ I’ll be happy if, for once, I manage to look like this model.” You may or may not achieve that goal, but even if you do achieve it, how long does that happiness last usually?

In pursuit of happiness, we constantly find ourselves aiming at newer goals, and this process becomes like a never-ending spiral staircase. When we’ve climbed the first set of steps, the next set will come into view. Then our next goal becomes climbing that set of steps, and this goes on and on. Ultimately, from people who have managed to reach the pinnacle of the staircase, we often hear things like, “It’s lonely at the top”. So then what can bring us true happiness, that never fades irrespective of the circumstances?

The Bible says that if we choose to abide in Jesus, which means having an intimate relationship with Him, He can give you a happiness that’ll never fade, no matter what you’re going through or how hard your circumstances are. So whether you’re at the first step or at the pinnacle, pursue Jesus, because true happiness is only found in Him.


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