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It’s never too late

“The early bird catches the worm” is probably a favorite quote of aspirants, and one disliked by procrastinators. It’s always good to have a plan and use every opportunity to grow toward our goal.
But often, many circumstances – either internal or external – may stop us from using a golden opportunity.
The goal maybe our studies or job, repairing a ruined friendship, keeping New Year resolutions, or anything else.
We tend to spend our time regretting about not utilising that chance, and eventually lose focus and interest towards it. But don’t forget this quote – “Better late than never”.

You can always start again and focus on working toward your goal from today. You can call that friend right away and set things right, you can begin working on your resolutions from now, and you can start applying to places from today. It’s never too late to start again! Now is an opportunity! Use it wisely.


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