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Open Your Eyes & See the Surprise!

Surprise!! We are familiar with this word, which we often encounter on our special days. Unexpected moments created by special ones are truly pleasant. But the good surprises that come in the middle of a difficult time are probably the best ones, much like a heavy shower of rain in the midst of a hot summer.

We see the story of such a surprise within the Bible. Simon Peter was a fisherman. One night, he worked hard till dawn, and still he couldn’t catch anything. Then Jesus met him and asked him to let down his nets one last time. Even though he was disheartened and tired and though, as an experienced fisherman, he knew that there was very little probability of catching any fish at that time of the day, he obeyed Jesus’ word. To his surprise, their nets filled up with fish to the point of beginning to tear, and they caught two boatsful. If Peter had chosen to dwell on the disappointing experience of the previous night and hesitated to move forward, he would missed this miracle.

We cannot enjoy the fragrance of a rose, without accepting the thorns which it bears. If we choose to throw the towel in when we are in a difficult phase of life, we may miss the surprises that God has planned. Look up and keep moving forward like Simon Peter, and God will surprise you with unexpected things at unexpected moments, because He works in mysterious ways.


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