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The Hustle & Bustle of Life!

We live in a fast-moving world, where life is looked at as a rat-race in which even a moment’s pause can cause considerable loss. In order to keep pace, we are constantly told that we have to keep hustling. But this constant hustle and bustle may often lead to a loss of perspective about what’s really important in life, causing much deterioration to our health and relationships. The greatest toll that it takes can be on our mental wellbeing if we are not careful. For instance, a lot of studies have found that people living in cities are more prone to anxiety disorders.

So what can we do about this reality of our lives? Running away from it may not be an option for most of us, but it can tackled in a wholesome way if we put things into perspective. Allowing enough time for our hobbies and intentionally taking time to travel away from the city are things we can do to keep our emotional balance. Even more importantly, we have to be intentional about spending quality time with our family and friends. Remember, we are social beings and are created to thrive on meaningful relationships.

Talking about relationships, the most central and vital relationship that we are designed for is the one with our Creator. This relationship can potentially become the one that we find sweet rest within, even in the most exhausting times. In the Bible, we see God saying, “I will strengthen you and help you.” We can count on this promise of divine help that can enable us to stand tall and face even the most daunting days with courage and freshness.


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