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Celebrating and Honoring our Fathers

Celebrating and honoring our fathers

Father’s Day – a day when moments spent with dads are dearly remembered. Many of us may celebrate it joyously with our fathers, but some of us may also be indifferent to this day, probably because our own experiences on this front haven’t been too rosy. Irrespective of the category you fall into, read on, because there may be something in here for you.

A father is usually a beacon to his children – a guide, mentor, friend, and much more. Even though he might be less expressive of his love, he will always be there for you when it matters. Remember the days your dad held your hand and helped you walk? The times he ran behind, holding the cycle, to keep you from falling off? The evening bike rides, and the toffees or toys he got when he returned home? Amidst these happy moments, he quietly and resolutely bore the burdens of running a family, made a lot of sacrifices to see you smile and gave you the best of everything he could. He helps you make decisions and gives you advice from his wisdom and life experiences. Even in your failures, he helps you to stand back up on your feet.

But there are also many among us for whom a father may be a symbol of fear or unhappiness, especially if he has been an alcoholic, or abusive, or an absent father. If you are one of those missing a loving father or never had one, we would like to introduce you to one. The Bible says God is the Father to the Fatherless. He is willing to be a perfect Father to you, to love and to guide you at every step of your life. In fact, most of us who have had loving fathers may also be intensely aware of their flaws and imperfections, moments when their love has not measured up, and this cycle will probably continue with the way our children think of us if and when we become parents. Even these imperfections we sense point us to the perfect love of the Heavenly Father, the love which can not only satisfy us completely, but can also help us love each other beautifully.

This Father’s Day, would you reach out to the love of this Father? For those of us who have never experienced such a love from our fathers, His love can heal, comfort and restore. For those of us who have, His love can teach us to reciprocate the love of our earthly fathers, despite their flaws. So today, receive this love and begin extending it to them. Take time for a hearty talk or a long evening walk with your dad. Tell him ‘thank you’.

Also, don’t forget to leave your comments below, telling us about your favourite moments with your dad, or the best piece of advice he has ever given you.


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