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Rejuvenating love [International Family Day]

“Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home.”
-Anthony Liccione

Living in a modern tech era where our gadgets have come to occupy the largest space in our lives, self-absorption and narcissism often plague our relationships, making them superficial. This may often end up making many of us feeling deep loneliness even when surrounded by people. This void is then sought to be filled through various quick-fixes. These may come in the form of of wealth, fame, intoxication, and so on, which provide temporary escapes. But when these things fail to fill the void, they often also leave one feeling emotionally drained.

While the pandemic has brought so much sorrow, pain and devastation for many of us, to some it has also brought a forced pause, where they can spend more time with their families. Of course, this is putting some stress on families that are not used to being around each other much, but it also represents an opportunity to build or rebuild deep bonds. This opportunity has been used by many to bring down the emotional distance that may have developed within familial relationships. For some, it has also brought extended families closer, through intentional gestures such as checking on how others are doing, helping those in need, facetiming/video calling them, sharing burdens, expressing emotions, praying for each other and encouraging each other not to be disheartened or afraid.

Some of you reading this may not have had such an experience yet, but it is never too late to start; we could do this by making small but intentional gestures of love or care towards those at home. For example, we could begin with something as small as making it a point to wish each other first thing each morning. All of us, as human beings, have a deep desire to be loved and cherished by those around us. Let us remember to display such love to those nearest to us. Strong families are the building blocks of a healthy thriving society. As we celebrate ‘International Family Day’ today, let us all resolve to do our bit in building our families.


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