She carried you nine months in her womb, not once complaining about the uneasiness she faced. She cried in pain when she bore you, but she smiled the widest when she saw your face. She poured sleepless nights into feeding you, caressing you, attending to your slightest movements and sounds. She is the reason why you are here.

Under her protective shadow, your journey began. She became your first teacher and your first friend. Perhaps, she was the first person you learnt to call upon- ‘Ma’, ‘Mama’, ‘Mom’, ‘Amma’- no wonder many agree that hers is the sweetest name among all the people we cross paths with in life. Hers is the voice and hers is the touch you first learnt to instantly recognize even with your eyes shut.

Some may consider her feeble and fragile. But on the contrary, she is clothed with strength and grace. From dawn to dusk, she seeks for ways to love and serve those at home and those beyond. Day after day, she leads her young ones in word and example. Fierce in love, firm in discipline, wise in counsel, unrelenting in devotion, yet she is patient and forgiving every time we fail. Many people considered as failures by society have gone on to to become world-changers and history-makers because a mother chose to never give up on them. Because of this sort of unrelenting love that she lavishes upon us, maybe many of us can even say today that our mothers became the channel through which we first experienced God’s love.

It is that time of the year again when we post our selfies with her, buy her bouquets, cakes and cards to publicly acknowledge her. But she doesn’t ask for any applause, nor does a day’s praise in a year suffice for the innumerable selfless sacrifices she makes. So, let us resolve today to show her how much she means to us all-year-round. Even through the smallest gestures, let’s choose to make her feel loved and valued each day.

Thank you for everything, dear mom.
May we learn to honour you every single day!


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