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Time as a healer

We think of time as a miracle machine that somehow processes negative emotions and heals everything. But is this true? We often confuse healing with forgetting and repression. But these are emotions and they are bound to be expressed in one way or another. When left unattended, they grow until you are forced to deal with it. Of course, time is one of the elements within a healing process, but by itself, it cannot heal.

We were not created to dwell in pain. Rather, we were made to find peace through the hurt. Yet we find ourselves searching for an answer in the dark. Here’s the thing, we should still our hearts and turn to God for help. No pain or hurt is greater than the peace He provides. He can help us to face it and deal with it. So let’s make a pact with ourselves today – no matter how ugly these emotions get, I will process them with God’s help and let them go.
Time will help in healing but only if you let it happen. Don’t let today’s pain affect your tomorrow. Be free.



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