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Touch of Compassion

Imagine having a tiring day at work and you finally find an empty seat in the metro and settle in. Just when you get comfortable, you see a visually challenged person standing next to you. Will you give them your seat, or just ignore them, trying to justify yourself by thinking of how exhausted you are?

What is our response when we meet someone with an ethnic or cultural background that’s different from ours? Or someone with a physical state that isn’t ‘normal’ by our own subjective standards? Do we treat them as equals, or walk away or, even worse, humiliate them through our words and deeds?

Around 2000 years ago, when lepers were considered untouchables, a man named Jesus was filled with compassion and he touched a leper. This brought joy and healing (both physical and emotional) to that broken person!

Let us also decide to be compassionate today, through small deeds – a smile, a word of appreciation, a touch or a pat – to make each person around us feel welcome and affirmed.



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