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You Need Them All

Have you ever wanted that rude boss of yours to be transferred somewhere or that person who nags you all the time to just disappear?

Though we say humans are social animals sometimes it’s not so easy to be a social being around everyone. But relationships are God-given. Every person you meet in this journey of life matters. Good or bad, they all are needed and are part of God’s plan for your life.

Moreover, every single person is significant, with a purpose for their being on earth. In the Bible, a simple servant girl with her one advice saved her master who was commander-in-chief from a dreadful disease like leprosy. A prostitute who had no reputation in the society, saved two important people of a nation by her wise move. So don’t judge or discriminate against anyone based on their knowledge, position, or social status, because you never know why God has kept them around you. Remember, you need them all.


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