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True Freedom

A life with all you love,
A life with all you want,
A life filled with little dreams,
Freedom is all you need, to find your way.

A little heart and a mind to think,
Is all that you have,
To think big and dream big,
But all your dreams vanish, when there is no freedom.

A little girl with a heart full of desires
Thinking about the future that will be colourful,
But very sadly finds that all her dreams are shattered,
After her “commitments are re-defined”,
A life of love and safety, becomes like a life in a prison,
When there is no freedom.

A beautiful life of a bird, in a golden cage,
Is all that it says,
Though I have everything,
There is truly nothing I have,
Until there is True Freedom!

Fly up high,above the sky,
With your wings spread around,
Touch the clouds,with your smile,
Shine like a star above, glittering in the sky.

Geared with applauses and encouagements,
Keep moving on ,with all your worries kept aside,
Do the “RIGHT THING” to achieve your goals,
And just enjoy the essence of TRUE FREEDOM.

For, True Freedom is not doing all you want,
But doing the “Right Thing” at all times and
It takes Courage to make a stand!


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