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“One of the brightest minds of our college” the principal exclaimed! Ancy was the Zoology department topper at her college. Everybody loved Ancy and wanted to be her friend. Every year at Christmas, her classmate Philip would invite everyone to a Christmas event. After eluding him for two years, Ancy thought, “This is my final year at college; might as well go and get it over with.”

So Christmas Eve found Ancy at the college auditorium. Philip had invited a professor as the guest speaker. Moving from the conventional topic of Christmas, he spoke about suicide, and how the true message of Christmas can signal hope in the midst of hopelessness even today. The meeting ended and everyone returned home happy.

Two months later, on the final day of college, Philip met Ancy to bid her goodbye. Upon seeing him, Ancy burst into tears. He tried to console her but she kept weeping for a while. Then, somehow mustering up enough strength, she said, “Philip, my dad gets drunk every night and beats up my mom. College was just a temporary escape from all that pain. I spent 6 months in the library trying to find the least painful way to commit suicide. I had finally found it and decided to end things on Christmas Day. But I came to your event. As the professor spoke, I cried and cried while no one watched. I thought my life was over but now it’s taken a new turn. I invited Jesus into my life that day.”

Friends, this is just one of the many stories where people who contemplated suicide were rescued by the sweet sound of the message that Jesus can enter the most messy lives and turn them around. Situations, circumstances and people can sometimes drive us to want to say goodbye to everyone around us. But suicide isn’t a solution, though it may seem that way sometimes. It causes untold misery and heartache for loved ones. You might be battling financial instability, a broken relationship, depression– no matter what you’re going through, remember, Jesus still loves you. Your life is precious. Feeling suicidal does not mean your character is flawed. It just means you’re in a position where you are not able to cope with the situation you’re facing currently. You feel overwhelmed and burdened, thinking the problem in your life is permanent but the truth is- it’s not! You will overcome and this feeling will pass.

If you are contemplating suicide, what you need is support. We all want to be just heard out at some point in our life. If you would like to talk or just sip some coffee, DM us on Facebook at iOpener.today or on Instagram at iOpener.today. We respect your confidentiality. As a concluding note, we want to convey that Jesus loves you deeply and you are precious to him no matter what the world says.



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