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The owner of a Model T-Ford car once found himself by the side of a road with a broken engine. Being an expert with cars, he refused to call for help and tried everything possible to get his engine fixed. But the car just wouldn’t start. Minutes later, a large limousine pulled up and an old man stepped out, stood and watched him quietly. Finally, the old man advised him to adjust a specific engine part. The guy decided he might as well give it a shot though there was no way this old guy knew more about the car than him. Much to his disbelief, the engine cranked to life. Surprised, he asked the old man, “How did you know what to do?” The old man said, “My name is Henry Ford and I invented this car.”

We live in a world where each day throws new surprises at us! One cannot read a newspaper without ever wondering where this world is heading. Staggering economy, declining health, breaking families, minimal security… Where do we place our confidence when the world around us is but sinking ground? Like the man in the story, we try to be optimistic and fix our issues only to find that even our best efforts fail.

Life is a web of unending challenges but every day we have a choice – either to fix everything by ourselves (self-confident) or to turn to the Creator God (God confident). A weaned child does not worry for his needs. He is rest assured that come what may, he is taken care of by his parents. How much more can we trust our God who knows how to fix each and every issue we go through day in and day out. All we need is to put our confidence like the weaned child. When we do so, He takes the responsibility of our lives and He who changes not through changing times, will never fail us. My anchor is fixed on solid rock, what about you?

Confidence is not based on you having all the resources needed to take care of yourself; Confidence is based upon the truth that GOD is Faithful!


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