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What next, What now?

Do you remember a time when you could walk and walk and suddenly realize that you are lost in the middle of nowhere? Thanks to modern technology and GPS, now it has become easy to pinpoint our location and reroute towards our intended destination. While our road experiences depend greatly on our spatial intelligence, our life experiences often tend to defeat our intelligence and overwhelm our hearts. As young people, we sometimes find ourselves at crossroads and it becomes hard to decide which path to choose. And in some other times, it seems like there are no choices at all, and we’ve hit a dead end. These experiences make us question where we are headed to and whether we are learning anything worthwhile as we wait.

Every one of us has a story. Some people are happy, some have regrets, some envy the lives of others, and who knows, some might be wishing they had the life you are living! Irrespective of all our thoughts, God has made each one of us uniquely and purposefully. He knows us inside out and our lives from beginning to end. And he takes us on a lifetime adventure of letting us discover and live out his plan for us, one page at a time. And the best part is, sometimes when we get lost trying to figure it out by ourselves, he is always willing to come alongside and help us reroute.

The Bible says that to those who wait on him, God has promised his guidance, instruction and strength along this journey while our mind seeks to understand every detail of what and why. So would we choose to still our hearts and wait on him to guide us in every moment? How amazing it would be to let go of our exhausting need to control our own lives, and just sit back and enjoy the journey with the master navigator. To those who feel like you are in a place of endless waiting, embrace the season and trust God to open the right door for you at the right time.

“The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not sustain you”


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