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DIY: Handy Photo Frame

Required things: Cardboard, Craft paper, Fevicol/ Glue, Scissors, Card sheet and decorative items.


1) Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangular shape of 20cm x 16cm.

2) Draw borders on the rectangle with a width of 3cm on all sides.

3) Cut the inner rectangle with a cutter.

4) Take a card sheet of any colour and cover the frame on all sides.

5) Take another cardboard of 20cm x 16cm and stick it on the backside of the frame in such a way that the 3 sides are closed and only one side of the frame is open.

6) Our photo frame is almost ready.

7) Now comes the decoration part. You can create a butterfly out of craft paper or you can do collage work on your frame to look pretty.

8) You can also use any decorative items or can create your own ideas to decorate the frame.

9) Now your frame is ready and you can stick your favourite pictures and hang on the wall.

Thank You.


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