Why Can’t We

None of us will be around forever
None of us can quite say never
All of us around here for just a little while
Why can’t we then, do it with a smile?

None of us knows when it will all end
None of us knows the last chance to mend
All of us will find it, a little too abrupt
Why can’t we thus, be a little less disrupt?

None of us knows what tomorrow holds
None of us can predict how it all unfolds
All of us have challenges to face
Why can’t we then, do it with warmth & grace?

None of us has it all in our control
None of us has figured life out as a whole
All of us have our own battles to fight
Why do we then, have to treat someone with slight?

None of us will take even a penny’s worth
None of us will leave an unfillable dearth
All of us will have someone else take our place
Why don’t we then, just make the best of our days?


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