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Corona Virus Vaccinations Continue, Bharat Biotech Issues Fact Sheet

Over 6.31 healthcare workers have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus so far, as the nationwide inoculation drive continues in India, the health ministry said. A total of 580 adverse reactions attributable to vaccination have been reported till date, there are a total of 580 adverse reactions such as pain, mild swelling, mild fever, or nausea have been reported, according to the government data.

Meanwhile, Bharat Biotech issued a fact sheet on Monday about the process and those who should refrain from taking the Covaxin vaccine manufactured by the company.

According to the fact sheet published on Bharat Biotech’s website, it is advisable not to take the vaccine if a person has allergies, fever or bleeding disorder, weaker immunity or are on a medicine that affects their immune system. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those who have already received another COVID-19 vaccine should refrain from taking Bharat Biotech’s medicine.

The fact sheet has listed side effects like pain, swelling or itching, fever, malaise, weakness, rashes, nausea and vomiting. It has also warned of severe allergic reactions that may include difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face and throat, increased heartbeat, rashes all over the body, dizziness and weakness.

According to the fact sheet those individuals who are prioritized under the public health program of the ministry of health and family welfare will be covered under this endeavour.

“Informing the individuals about the offer for a vaccination with Covaxin will rest with the respective government program officials. Those offered Covaxin at pre-specified booths will have the options to receive or reject administration of the vaccine,” the fact sheet said.

Those receiving vaccines are advised to disclose their existing medical conditions, medicines they are taking and allergies.

“Additionally, there is a remote chance that the Covaxin could cause a severe allergic reaction. For this reason, your vaccination provider will ask you to stay for 30 minutes after each dose of vaccination at the place where you received your vaccine for monitoring after vaccination,” Bharat Biotech added.

Bharat Biotech has urged vaccine recipients to report adverse reactions and assured that those with adverse events will be provided with a medically recognized standard of care in the government designated and authorized centres/hospitals, as well as adequate compensation for the same.



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