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Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets

A lot of life boils down to some of the important decisions we make. The American physician, J. J. Dewey remarked, “Where there is no decision, there is no life.” During our lifetime, we are faced with many decision-making moments. The right decisions often lead to sublime results, while the wrong ones could have lasting impact on not just us, but even many people around us. Moreover, both the positive and negative impacts could persist through our lifetime, and even beyond.

Before making any decision, it is important to reflect on all the possible choices and their consequences. In order to do this, it may be useful to even generate opinions from wise people around us. It may also be worthwhile to consider that the God who created us may just be the wisest person to get such an opinion from. This is why the Bible proposes prayer as the most important ongoing life conversation we can have, along with the promise that God does indeed speak and impart wisdom to those who seek him.

Just resolving to do something, of course, is not enough. Implementing the decision is the most important step. The right decisions result in joy, while the wrong ones could bring some regrets. But it is important to learn even from the wrong steps, and bounce back in life. Here’s hoping and praying that we find the right wisdom to govern the decisions of our youth, and the resilience to learn from even our failures.


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