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Life is not a complaint box!

In general, most of us can always see some scope for improvement in our lives, and that may make us unhappy with certain things, both within ourselves as well as in our circumstances. Everyone complains occasionally, but an attitude wherein complaining has become a basic disposition may create a depressing environment around us. Such a complaining attitude hinders the success of a person irrespective of his/her vocation. Just imagine if a mountain-climber starts grumbling about the rough terrain in the initial stages of the trek itself; not only is it unlikely that he/she would reach the peak, the entire endeavour will turn out to be a frustrating and demotivating one even for the support crew. On the other hand, a person who keeps moving despite hard circumstances not only has a higher likelihood of success, but also can lead and motivate others around him/her.

The Bible demonstrates prayer as a wonderful fix for a grumbling and complaining attitude. Prayer can be the outlet wherein we pour our hearts out to God and tell him about our deepest anxieties and complaints. Once we give these things into the hands of our Creator, who is competent and loves us deeply enough to work it all out for our good, we can face the world and the tough circumstances it throws at us with courage and peace. Start trying this out today!



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