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Serve One Another In Love

In a small town, there was a boy named Albin. He was kind to everyone and loved serving others. He had only a few friends in school and used to play with them a lot. He liked to talk with everyone, however, some people didn’t like him because of his simplicity. But this didn’t stop him from talking to and liking the people who didn’t like him. Albin continued loving and caring for them even though it wasn’t reciprocated. He used to pray daily for all his classmates to be able to study well, to have a good future, to always be happy in life and for everyone to experience God’s love.

One day in school a boy named Aaron, who didn’t like Albin, fell from the staircase and badly injured his leg. The teachers took him to the hospital immediately and the doctors treated him. However, the wounds got infected severely and bad odour was coming from it and people including his friends and relatives avoided him. He started hating himself and went into depression as no one was talking to him or even coming near him except his parents. But when Albin heard the news he went to Aaron’s home with some gifts and fruits.

Aaron was shocked to see that Albin had come to meet him. They talked, played for some time and had fun. Then Albin helped Aaron dress his injuries even though bad odour was coming from it. Aaron understood what true love is and saw what it meant to serving others in love. He was very happy and hugged Albin to show his gratitude. Albin prayed for Aaron before he left.

Serving others can’t come out of hatred, instead it comes when we’re filled with true love. Jesus Christ showed us His love by serving the people around Him throughout His life on this earth. Jesus always served the people when they were in need. He fed the crowd when they were hungry, He healed the sick, He loved the people who hated Him. Hatred, jealousy, affluence, poverty, sickness, etc. in us did not affect or take away even a bit of Jesus’ love for us. In the same way, we should love, care and serve others even if they hate us or don’t like us. This Christmas, which is the season of joy and happiness, let’s spread the love of Christ by serving others and showing them the true meaning of serving others lies in being filled with true love.

Rick Warren


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