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One Day At A Time

The ‘Master Blaster’ Sachin Tendulkar, while at the crease, facing the bowler, had immense pressure on him to lead his team to victory, hit a century or break another record. Yet, he attained immense success by focussing on tackling each ball from the bowler one at a time.

Our Creator has wired us, as human beings, to grow from one milestone to the next, rather than expecting us to run a marathon right away. If we focus on diligently completing the tasks that each day brings, we can experience the joy of living in the moment and and going to bed with complete satisfaction in our hearts. Especially when unexpected events disrupt our set patterns, let us remember that simply getting back on track is sufficient, instead of trying to race against time.

So let us forget the past, with all its laurels as well as hurts, put aside our anxieties for the future, and give today, which God has given us, our utmost effort in order to bring the best out of it.


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