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Light in the darkness

In an era when despair is a common experience, surviving itself can seem taxing at times. We all tend to hope for happiness, fulfilment and love, and when these seem like a distant dream, we feel distressed. Although this is an experience that is all-too-common, it doesn’t take much to reignite hope. Just a small gesture of love makes a great impact, not just on the receiver but also within the heart of the giver.

But are we ready to be available for another soul, whether financially or emotionally? This brings us to larger questions about the very purpose for which we are living. Is it just to survive? They say it’s a dog-eat-dog world, but is that really what the world needs right now? What we need is compassion; to see others and not shy away from being there for them. Each one of us is created and designed to thrive, even in a culture that emphasizes mere survival. If we truly find ways to thrive in this manner, it would make us a beacon of hope for many around us.

So always remember – we were made to thrive, not just survive. And the real meaning of thriving lies in being a vessel of light, even if it’s very small, in the midst of darkness.


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