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Where’s the shame in that?

We all have lived, or still live, in the ‘no regrets’ phase of our life, the age when we don’t care about anything other than our freedom to fly over and above the clouds, to have zero restrictions and to just be a free bird.

Unfortunately, the same phase has made us do some ugly things, those for which even we don’t forgive ourselves. In this individualistic post-modern culture, we are encouraged to live without regrets and to follow our hearts. We know our emotions are as unstable as a one-legged stool. Yet, we keep chasing these transient emotional highs while neglecting all that matters, just to end up being numbed of guilt.

“Where’s the shame in that?” we rationalize. But no matter how much we try to deny the regrets that gnaw away at our inmost being, they’ll eventually consume us from the inside out.

That’s why we need to turn our regrets into repentance and give them to God, who pours His grace over us and is able to transform our shame into glory. Where’s the shame? – In the hands of God. Our guilt will be overwritten with grace.

Remember, God’s grace is sufficient


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