World Heart Day

The heart sure gets our attention, little too longer than usual, and certainly more than the brain. There is a certain wonder that stems from the way we’ve perceived the human heart.

Every year, on 29th September, World Heart Day is observed in view of raising awareness about cardiovascular disorders. The narrative is simple: the more you know, the more you care. This year, the theme is ‘use ‘heart’ to connect with every heart’. Spun around Instagram’s ‘heart’ feature, the theme aims to use the dexterity of the internet in propounding the message of good, healthy ‘heart’ practices.

Although there isn’t any relevant literature or plausible anatomy that can explain the connect behind the attribution of emotions to the human heart, we casually accredit all that we feel to the beating of our hearts. I do not know how this centrifugal pump got this role but it sure does fit!

In this world of ‘the heart wants what the heart wants’, have we spared a moment to think whether the heart ‘really’ needs what you think it wants? We stress on the figurative integrity of the heart and yet, seldom think about its literal health. We’ve fallen prey to the sedentary lifestyles of armchair travellers, keyboard warriors and ‘zoomfies’ so much so that exercise has taken a backseat.

Just like someone cheekily remarked, ‘the quality of life depends on the liver’, happiness in life depends on the heart of a person. Live truly, eat wisely and stay lively.


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