A blooming flower, the drizzling rain, cute chirping birds,
The early morning dew and the colourful rainbow…
Friendship is also a beautiful flower,
That blooms in our hearts from childhood, and till the end…

There is no such person in this world, who may not have a single friend.
A true friend scolds, guides and upholds us in bad times,
Never lets us down.

True friends are the “guiding light” in our path ahead.
One trustworthy person on earth that God has given, to share our secrets.
A true relationship with no expectations.

Many may come and go in life, but a true friend stays till the end.
One person to hold our hands, share our thoughts,
Without any judgement and criticism like others.
The only thing that keeps us going on, is the motivation of a true friend.

A wonderful God given relationship on earth is true friendship,
A relationship to share, to care, to cry, to laugh, to gossip and have fun!
Above all, having an “amazing bonding” which others do not have.

Beautiful clicks and little smiles in our childhood with a true friend,
Just a glimpse, as we grow old and cherish the wonderful memories,
What a beautiful thing Friendship is!!!


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