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From Freshman Fears to College Cheers: Coping with Academic and Social Pressures

Starting college life, brings a rollercoaster of emotions to students across the globe. Apart from excitement of starting a new phase in life, it also fills one with lots of anxiety and stress on what all he/she might need to face. Some might look like they have figured out everything from the very first day, but it’s a fact that every single person goes through anxiety of what to expect as a college freshman. We have listed few tips here for you to follow which might help you overcome your anxieties as freshman.

Prioritize things

The first and foremost reason that you joined college was for your academic and career development, so that’s where the priority should be placed. The academic pressure on college students will be higher than that in school life. You would have spent lot of money and effort to get to where you are. Now this is the time when you have to decide what you will prioritize as there will be lot of distractions in college/university life as compared to a more structured life in school. Also take time to pause and reflect, rejuvenate or restart if needed.

Make new connections

Another important thing to do as a college freshman is to break out of your shell and start interacting with people around you. The more you delay coming out of your comfort zone, the more you will be stressed. In the initial days of your college, try to get to know others and introduce yourself to them. These connections will help you enjoy your college life and they will be your support system in the coming years of your college.

Have a positive outlook

Not everything will be as you may have dreamed of. The college life which you might have imagined could be something you heard from a senior and what you experience in real life may be completely different. And that’s perfectly fine, because not everything works as we expect. Always have a positive mindset and approach such situations with strength and courage. The days of hope and endless possibilities are yet to come.

Plan your days

As you are about to begin a new chapter in life, it is always good to plan your days in advance. Avoid last minute rush for anything. Set aside some time to meet and interact with new people. Try to find some time in your schedule to meet professors and talk to them. Find time to meet upperclassmen and try to learn from their experiences.

Join groups

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. While in college, always try to join groups of your interest and get involved in extra-curriculars. This will not only help you dive deeper into your field of interest but also will help you meet like-minded people which can eventually lead to great friendships.

Accept the change

Being a college freshman, one needs to accept the fact that things won’t be the same as in school. The atmosphere in which you studied, the way the subjects were taught, the type of people you meet, will all be different. Once you decide to accept this change, it will be much easier for you to adjust.

It’s not just you, but everyone

The anxiety of a college freshman that you face with all the questions of “what ifs” is not just you, but every other person who is joining along with you as a fresher. It is not easy when there is a big change in life, but when we realize that everyone is equally anxious, we can try to develop healthy connections among ourselves and be a positive support to each other.

We hope that you make it through your freshman year of college with confidence and prioritize the right things. We hope that you will be able to overcome all the anxieties as a freshman and enjoy your college life with cheer. Wishing you all the best as you embark upon this new journey!!


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