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The Best Tips and Tricks to Prepare for all your Entrance Exams

As various entrance exams are approaching, parents and students are alike on their toes. There are students who have been preparing for competitive exams for years and nevertheless the tension in the atmosphere is no joke. While there is no shortcut to success, and hard work is the only way to achieve your goal. Doing all the hard work without proper planning and guidance, would be a waste of time and energy too. We have listed few tips and tricks for all those of you who are preparing for competitive exams. All the best!!

  1. Make a realistic plan/timetable – You know the areas in which you are strong and weak, so while planning your study calendar you should also take into account all of these.
  2. Never miss solving previous years’ question papers/sample question papers – Solving previous years’ question papers/sample question papers are a very important part of preparing for competitive exams. There are multiple resources available online as well as offline to refer.
  3. Make sure to divide and conquer – Set aside time to clear topics which are tough and then go for the easier ones. There should be sufficient time for you to study and then revise.
  4. Clear your doubts beforehand – It is always better to get all your doubts cleared beforehand so that you have enough time to revise the topics.
  5. Answer might be at your fingertips – Gone are the days when you could find answers to your question only in a single book. There are tons of resources available online which are literally at your fingertips. Find a trusted author/teacher and learn the topics through their blogs or videos. Find a page/blog which explains things in a simple way in which you can understand.
  6. Prepare notes that you can easily refer during your final revision – Remember that the notes are for your quick revision and therefore write it in a way that is easily understandable by you. Keep it short and crisp.
  7. Follow a disciplined approach – Avoid distractions during these days when you are preparing for your exams. Plan your weeks well ahead.
  8. Don’t be overwhelmed – Entrance exams are the most anticipated exams and the number of students attending those exams are also huge, and no doubt one will be stressed. Keep a positive outlook and answer the questions in a calm state of mind. Take a deep breath and read the questions very carefully and only then answer them.
  9. Follow a healthy lifestyle – Exam times are extremely stressful times for the students. Therefore to attend the exam with confidence, follow a healthy lifestyle which benefits both mental and physical health.
  10. Connect with senior students and teachers – Guidance from the experienced are always good for a student. Never miss an opportunity to connect with your seniors and teachers and take their guidance into account while preparing for competitive exams.

We hope that the entire student community finds this content useful and benefits with the same. One of the recommended places to obtain coaching and study materials for the preparation of various entrance examinations is Marg School. You can explore and sign up for it in the following link: https://www.margschool.com/lms/
Wish you all the best!



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