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Bitterness betrays

A soldier must be vigilant at all times because the enemy might be lurking around the corner. Likewise, each of us needs to be on guard for the enemy called bitterness, that could be lurking around us and might overpower us unexpectedly. When someone hurts us, holding on to that bitterness may seem like a defense mechanism at first. But it is actually something which does the exact opposite – it betrays our defenses from within.

Indeed, bitterness betrays us and never really betters us.

Sometimes, we are in complete denial about the bitterness that resides within us. And such things left unaddressed can eventually harm us deeply.

So how does bitterness betray us? We usually think we’ve forgiven those who hurt us, but we never fully move on or forget the scars; we simply repress the memories of them. And thus, in the least expected moments, they creep up on us and assault us.

Holding on to resentment cannot heal our hearts. If we cannot overcome bitterness, it can gradually lead to even severe health conditions. We are instinctively repelled by things that taste bitter. How much more should our minds repel bitter thoughts and attitudes? And so we desperately need to guard our hearts against bitterness and give place to to positivity instead.

Bitterness can be cured in two simple steps – forgiving and forgetting. The Bible says “be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as God forgave you.” As this sentence indicates, the true key in being able to unreservedly forgive other lies in experiencing the forgiveness of God over all the guilt and regrets that lie within us, and enjoying an intimate relationship with Him.

We all have much to look forward to, so let’s say no to bitterness.



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