Once a teacher asked a question,
‘Which is the best creation of God?’

One student interjected, ‘Mother!’

Our mother can forgive our mistakes, even if we hurt her, because her heart is overwhelmed with love towards her child. Hence, she can bear all our madness.

Love and forgiveness are interrelated. We should strive to love everybody, so that we can become quick to forgive. Vengefulness creates PROBLEMS while Forgiveness creates PEACE. It’s our decision which one we want to choose.

If we hold grudges in our heart, even our most fervent prayers are in vain. In the Bible, there is a verse about Jesus “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”. Whatever be the mistakes we have made in our life, Jesus will accept us if only we are ready to confess.

Albert Einstein said,
“Weak people revenge
Strong People forgive”

Be strong. Reconcile, restore broken relationships and make life sweeter. ————————————————–


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