Hang In There!

Before 2016, most of us in India never imagined the sort of data speeds that 4G networks give us on our phones today. 2G or 3G networks were the norm back then. But everything took a turn in September 2016, when 4G technology was launched; many were standing in queues to get hold of the new SIM cards with 4G networks, which arguably revolutionized the digital space overnight.

Most of us like everything to happen instantly, be it on our gadgets or in our lives. This is why it gets very hard for us when we are forced to wait, when some things don’t fall into place overnight the way we wished they would. Sadly, we can’t upgrade the software or hardware of our lives with the ease with which we do it on our devices. Such an upgrade happens within us when we learn how to patiently endure through the tough times that come our way. So how do we face, with patience and endurance, such situations in life when we are forced to wait, or in phases of life which we wish came with a skip button?

Paul, a person in the Bible who went through many such trying situations, gives us the secret of how he endured in such times. He writes, ”His (God’s) glorious power will make you patient and strong enough to endure anything, and you will be truly happy.” Paul clearly understood that, being humans, we have limitations, and there will inevitably be times in our lives when we feel like giving up. But in those moments, we can draw our strength from the limitless resource, i.e. the power of God. He himself did this in order to hang in there when faced with dire circumstances. Today, we can learn from the life of Paul, and choose to draw our strength from God to face all the circumstances of our life.



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