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Day of Social Justice

While the concept of Social Justice is preached everywhere and is a major point of discussion around the world, it is also one of the least understood concepts. We ought to think & reflect – if social justice is a mere dialogue or an act that needs to practice every day.

Social Justice operates on the principles of equality of access, equity, unrestricted participation, and basic human rights. We see that even today many people around us are denied these basic human rights and the opportunity to be inclusive in society is still a pipedream for many.
Hundreds and thousands of activists around the world took up the lead to speak and work for the rights of the people from the past which continues even today giving up the best time of their lives recognizing the desire to serve the poor and marginalized in different parts of the world.

John Wesley was one of the first to bring about slave rights and the abolishment of slavery and opposition of the poor. Leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, William Carey, Rosa Park are few notable figures who have significantly contributed towards the betterment of society and for the equality of every human being.

God shows his unimaginable love to every human being regardless of who we are and where we are from. We are made in the image of God reflecting the Glorious work of His hands, we ought to value every human being just as we value our loved ones. We must be committed to serve people every day so as to do our part in being the change to bring about social justice in action.
Let us recognize every human being as God’s image-bearer and work for the better of our world. Let us be the change that we wish to see in this world!


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