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Science Fiction Day

Since 2011, January 2nd has been celebrated as “National Science Fiction Day”. This day is dedicated to all creators of science fiction, as it also commemorates the birthday of Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer. Along with Asimov, the works of Robert A. Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke are appreciated on this day.

On this day, some science fiction fans follow certain traditions they fancy, to each their own. Some choose to educate the next generation on some notable works in science fiction, while others explore science fiction works that aren’t mainstream.

This is the only day in a year that educates the masses on science and technology, specifically how science and technology would shape the world in the future. Science fiction is a major source of inspiration for many innovations. For example self-driving cars were first conceptualized in an article in New York Times written by Isaac Asimov, and since then, companies like Google, Tesla, Uber and Lyft have been racing towards commercializing this idea.

In recent times, the advancement of science and technology has raised certain ethical dilemmas. Science fiction literature or movies are sometimes used as “Trojan Horses” to address these concerns, such as climate change and privacy breach.

In a nutshell, “National Science Fiction Day” is dedicated towards exhibiting how science and technology could shape the future and how we should adapt to it.



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