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Stop Running Away

Every human being is created with a unique purpose. Realizing that purpose and executing it demands a lot of endurance. Many of us begin very passionately, but when things get harder or when they don’t go the way we expect, we try to back off or quit.

This begins a process of trying to escape or run away from any sense of larger purpose. We may begin avoiding the complex questions of life and its ultimate purpose, because trying to confront these bring back haunting memories of past failures, or because it’s just too hard.

Learning from the life of tenacious and resilient people who went before us, and never gave up in spite of the hurdles they faced down the road, can keep us motivated to overcome our fears and feelings of inadequacy. The risks they have taken, and the pain they have undergone to accomplish what they did can encourage us to stay on track. The Bible talks about many such life-stories – of people of faith who confronted extremely daunting challenges in life, but refused to give up because they trusted in God and His ultimate purpose for their lives.

Even though the path looks all bleak and confusing now, let’s endure it for a little longer. Stop running away! Stay and face it! Remember, a sovereign God is in control.


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