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The Love Account

The things that are easy to do are also the things that are easy not to do. It’s easy to make someone you value happy and joyful by doing small acts of love; but it’s also to look away and neglect them. Who doesn’t enjoy a small hug or a kiss or a thank you note or any random act of kindness? These small acts of love are the ones you deposit into your love account each day.

Doing something small to add joy to the life of someone around you holds much value. These tiny little things, deposited into your love account daily, will eventually give you more happiness than all the money you have in your bank account. It’s always easier to miss a family dinner than to ignore the call from your boss. But nothing is better than breaking bread with family and eating together with glad and sincere hearts. Each of these small acts of love add up to make a world of a difference.

It may be time for many of us to pay more attention to our love account. The Bible says that God is love, and He has created each one of us as an outflow of His love, for the primary purpose of loving Him, loving those around us and being loved ourselves. So let us live up to this primary purpose for which we have been placed on this earth.



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