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Unworthy and Unknown

Very often in the dark dingy phases of our lives, it may forever seem impossible to see light. We may be isolated in society as people may fail to untangle our mess even if they wanted to. We then yearn for a Saviour who is worthy to be trusted despite our state.

A lady battling 12 long years of bleeding is mentioned in the Bible. The news of Jesus passing by pumped into her hope that hadn’t existed till then, as physicians and medicines had written her off. Though Jewish laws regarding bodily cleanliness forbid her from society, she set out to meet Jesus.

The lady in her unworthiness evaded the eyes of Law, touched the hem of the garment of Jesus and received healing. Nobody knew her, her issue or her deliverance at that moment. Jesus, however, was determined to make her, her despicable issue and her healing known. The powerful Love credited this Jewish outcast as his daughter. He made a bold statement to the world of that day and today–“Come to me in all your unworthiness to receive from me in all my worthiness and completeness. No law, or person or power can stand between you and me.”

We may be unknown and unworthy, but Jesus can reform us, if only we pursue after him and his truth against all odds.


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