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A Year to Remember

Into 2020 mankind did step
Knowing not what is kept
In-store within a month or two
When all we could do was brew

Came the virus of the family
Of corona kind and cavalry
Skilled in drilling and mixing
And of the lungs a wasting

It was learning new sorts in haste
Of survival and living to dodge
Antibiotics and vials of all kinds
Beating the intelligence of all minds

Relishing it did on juicy enzymes
Feasting it did on fruity hormones
It spent its moments and days living
Its end and death not knowing

Gone were the days of handshakes
Gone were the ways of travel diaries
Gone were the moments of kind hugs
Gone were the time of morn hurries

We did learn our lesson a daring
To spend our life in homes praying
With smiles and hugs a sharing
While all that mattered was caring



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