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Your Weakness could be Your Strength

Your weakness could be your strength, even
in a world where people take advantage of one’s weaknesses. There is a natural tendency to hide our weaknesses in the darkest corners, so as to prevent the world from seeing it.

How then can your weakness be your strength? People recruit employees based on their strengths, students are graded based on their strengths, sportsmen are watched for their strength, but amidst all this, there is someone who knows your weakness, chooses you in spite of it and turns it into your strength. The Bible says “His (God’s) power is made perfect in our weaknesses.”
Why is his power made perfect in our weaknesses? That sounds like an oxymoron and is hard to believe. We all know for a fact that it’s easier to drive a car when you’re the only one holding the steering. If someone else tries to control the steering at the same time, there’s so much chaos that could ensue. Similarly, God loves a life that is totally yielded to him; he loves to be at the steering wheel of our lives. It’s easier to hand over areas of our lives where there is some weakness, than the areas where we are talented and strong. That is why his power works best in our weaknesses. Will you hand over your weaknesses to him today?


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