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Brokenness is Sweet

Every instance in life that breaks our heart has a purpose. Sometimes it teaches us to love genuinely, give warmly and forgive kindly. Certain experiences help us gather faith and some to spell patience gladly. Some help us to celebrate the joy of loved ones though we are in rough waters, while some other instances teach us to be undoubtedly content with little or much and to be truly concerned for and considerate of the needy. Some occasions instruct us to remain sensitive to guilt and wrongdoing. If we have to lose much in life to learn these divine virtues, then we don’t ‘lose’ anything – it’s actually a gain. It is not about us becoming perfect. It’s about being better each day in the things that count.

It’s the brokenness that mends our spirit. At times, it takes much anguish to mend our hearts, while at other times it takes just a little. Either way, brokenness imparts a certain goodness into us that overflows into others. Brokenness is often God’s tool to shape us. Brokenness is definitely sweet!


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